Pet Portrait Basket


Pet Portrait Basket

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Be unique! Want to surprise a family member with a new pet, but don't want to pick out your new furry friend alone? Let a Pet Basket break the news for you! 

Is your child bringing home a new pet? Congratulations, you're now the proud grandparents of a fur-baby! Your grand-puppy or grand-kitty will be spoiled with plenty of toys and treats... why not try something different? A Pet Basket will not only make your child happy, but think of all the adorable photos you could get of your new grand(fur)child to share with your friends!

This basket includes a gift certificate for a pet portrait session, a few new toys, a frame with the session details, and a unique gift or two to fit the occasion. 

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Please make sure to choose the correct breed size. This is important so your basket has appropriate toys and/or treats for the pet.

Kitten: a cat under 1 year old

Cat: a cat over 1 year old

Puppy: a dog under 1 year old

Dog: a dog over 1 year old

Customizing your basket is important to us, please allow up to 5 days processing time before your basket ships.