Brittany - March 2019

Brittany - March 2019

Brittany Criss

I grew up in a very close, very big family. For my Grammy and Pop-Pop, family was the most important thing. Before I went to preschool, I was never in daycare – my Pop-Pop wanted his grandkids to be in the office, raised by the family. When my Pop-Pop passed away, he made sure that all of his grandkids’ education was taken care of. I am so grateful for what he and my Grammy did for us. Because of their love for family, I was able to pursue my dreams; and that is why I have named my business for them. To this day, family is still the most important part of my life.

Portraits are an essential part of family history. They are cherished by many and tell the story of your life for generations to come. I honestly believe that the best way to make a house a home is to add a touch of family. And the best way to do that, is to display photos of your loved ones for everyone to see.

I am an animal lover - I grew up with many pets and began raising service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence at the age of sixteen. Most recently, our 8th puppy, Gabriella IV, graduated as a Facility Dog. I feel that pets are just another member of the family. They deserve to be photographed and remembered just as much as anyone else. Each animal has their own personality - I like to capture that personality in each and every photo.


In Memory of

Thomas Antonelli 1934-2009

Mary Grace Antonelli 1934-2019